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We all feel sad at one time or another, but when this feeling of sadness turns into an overwhelming condition, then it’s time to seek help. Did you know that depression is considered as one of the world’s leading causes of disability? Depression is characterized by an overwhelming and intense sense of apathy, emotionlessness, hopelessness, sadness, and anger. If you are struggling with depression then emotional support animals can be very beneficial in helping to reduce the symptoms of depression. Relationships with other people can be complex, especially if you are struggling with depression and don’t like to socialize. ESA offers a loving and safe companionship that is genuine. Your esa letter for housing can also encourage daily interaction and building of social networks that can protect you against low mood. Your emotional support dog can alleviate the symptoms of loneliness by giving you a reason to talk to new people. Caring for your ESA gives you a purpose and helps you to focus away from your depression.

Sense of purpose and meaning

Sometimes when you are down, all it takes is a furry cuddle to lift your mood. Depression can cause a sense of purposelessness and detachment feelings from others. An emotional support animal provides you an unconditional love that offers you a sense of purpose in your life. ESA provides you a companionship that can support your emotional functioning and also establish social connection and interaction. If you think that you are suffering from depression, then get in touch with your mental health care professional. Keep in mind that leaving depression untreated can make your situation worse.

Helps you in anxiety

People who are suffering from depression experience low self-esteem and more prone to anxiety. ESA can help to reduce anxiety by giving emotional support. An ESA can provide love and affection which people with depression definitely need. Although ESA cannot speak, but they comprehend the state from which you are going through and provide someone to talk when you are feeling lonely. If you are spending time feeding, grooming, playing, walking with your ESA letter, then you are focusing more on your ESA rather than the cause of your depression.


ESA is loving, playful, adorable and furry. They provide blissful solace and best company that helps in the elevation of mood. They make you feel better by boosting your mental health and self-esteem. Low self-esteem not only hinders personal growth and productivity but it can be very painful. Providing companionship, love, and physical care is a surefire to combat depression. Dogs are considered as man’s best friends due to undying love for their owners.

If you think that ESA will benefit you and reduce your symptoms of depression, get in touch with your registered mental health care professional and check your eligibility for an emotional support animal letter. Believe me! An ESA can provide love and affection which you need.


When you suffer from anxiety and depression, it can seem like you are all alone in this world. There is no one who can help or understand you. Caring for your ESA by feeding them, playing with them and taking them for a walk is a sure way to combat loneliness feelings. Your ESA can make you feel that you have a purpose by giving you a feeling of importance.

Lift your spirits

The most common symptoms of depression include anxiety, the feeling of sadness, low self-esteem and even suicidal thoughts. By just giving them a cuddle, you can enhance your mood. ESA can help to reduce stress by reducing the psychological and emotional effects of depression such as lowering blood pressure and heart rate. You can apply for an esa letter online from

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