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31 de jan. de 2022
In Discussões Gerais
One State tests treatments, another industry leads has masks, another has available intensive care beds or reagents for testing, other experience in managing a previous epidemic, etc. But, International organizations are also a catalyst for international industry leads solidarity. This is the case of the WHO, whose director general called in January for a " triple solidarity: scientific, financial, political ", but also of the UN. At the moment, the latter is industry leads slow to react, due to the divisions in the Security Council to agree on a resolution, while it had done so for the HIV/AIDS and Ebola epidemics in West Africa, which had been industry leads declared « threats to security and international peace. This lockIt is the product of the confrontation between two great powers of the Security Council, China and the United States, which once again put their power industry leads the line during the pandemic. The Trump administration demanded that a Security Council resolution include a reference to the alleged “Chinese” origin of Covid-19, in order to put the responsibility for the current crisis on the Chinese government, something that the Chinese government refuses to industry leads accept (a meeting of foreign ministers of the G-7 also failed for this very reason). To circumvent this political industry leads blockade, the UN is developing a humanitarian response. The Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres, thus launched a "Global Humanitarian Response Plan" on March 25, 2020, for which he requests industry leads financing of 2,000 million US dollars in order to fight against Covid-19 in the poorest countries of the world. This humanitarian response remains limited, but remember, at a time when each government will focus first on what it will do for its population, Will international industry leads organizations finally be singled out as the ideal culprit for the current pandemic crisis?


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