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A hidden gem of Spain: Vigo and Islas Cíes

Islas Cíes

Islas Cíes are three islands around 30 min by ferry from Vigo. According to homeworker helper the ferry takes you to the Isla de Monteagudo, connected to the Isla de Faro. The third island, unfortunately, is only accessible by a private boat. Which made My Favourite Travel Companion and me seriously consider buying a boat.

The island was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The rocky shores, the beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear water make it a true paradise. There’s something for everyone: four hiking routes of medium difficulty leading to the viewing points of the island and a beautiful beach to relax afterwards.

Taking the longest route you can get to the Faro de Cíes- an old lighthouse. The views from there are truly breathtaking. The other routes are a little shorter, but also provide an interesting walk with a varying landscape and amazing views. The hike is rather easy and enjoyable. The islands are a National Park with a diverse flora and fauna. On a hot, sunny day you will definitely see small lizards running off the path.

I recommend spending the whole day on the island, as there’s time to both do some hiking and relax on the beach. If I were doing my Erasmus in Vigo I would surely go to the islands every weekend. According to the experts from algrebra homework help service the ferries tend to circulate between Vigo and the islands around every hour, so it’s easy to plan a one-day trip. If you want to stay longer, there’s a camping and a couple of restaurants. You can plan your trip by checking out the information here.

Islas Cíes are a hidden gem of Spain, absolutely worth visiting if you have a chance. Vigo is an easy train ride away from Coruña or Santiago so don’t miss it if you’re in the region.

My favourite spots for students to do in Lisbon

More food: O Prego da Peixaria

If you are looking to have a burger, but fancy something different, have a prego. And according to the experts from find test answers online service Prego da Peixaria is absolutely the best place for pregos in the city. It has an interesting interior design and a nice, laid-back atmosphere. They serve all kinds of pregos and actually withing reasonable price range.

Things we missed, because we didn’t feel like planning much:


Famous neighbourhood of Belem, where you have to go and have the famous pasteis de belem. We left it for the last day and ended up not having enough time, but we still stuffed our faces with pasteis de belem anywhere we went, so that’s checked off.

I have fallen in love with Lisbon completely and I will have to go back there. Once I do, I will go directly to Belem, I promise. Any other recommendations?

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